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Olesia Muravizki

Olesia Muravizki

Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor


Welcome to the journey of self-discovery and healing! My name is Olesia, and I extend a warm and compassionate invitation for you to take those initial steps towards therapy, even if it feels both courageous and daunting. Rest assured, our therapeutic journey together is a safe and non-judgmental space where you can explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a confidential and a supportive environment.
The process of psychotherapy involves a collaborative partnership, where both sides play an active role in facilitating healing and personal growth. I invite you to consider entering this space with curiosity for what is possible and a willingness to be honest in working through any challenges that may stand in the way. In return, you can count on me for bringing my best knowledge, skills, and practical tools to every session. I use an eclectic approach that allows me to tailor our sessions to your individual needs. While some people really benefit from exploring mindfulness, hypnotherapy and inner parts integration work, others find cognitive behavioral or brief solution-oriented approaches a great fit for their individual needs.
I work with young people and adults who seek to understand themselves better and to improve their relationships (with self and others), and to overcome challenges that may stand in the way of realizing their potential, including depression, anxiety,attachment trauma, discord in family relationships, complex PTSD, parenting and social communication challenges.
I received a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry at UMD, a master’s in public health at GW, and a second master’s degree in clinical and counseling psychology from William Paterson University. I am also an ICBCH-certified hypnotherapist.
I live with my husband and two young adult children in North Potomac area, together with my little yorkipoo dog Leeloo and cat Maya. In my free time I love traveling, gardening and small home DIY projects. I particularly enjoy being by the ocean and spending time in nature. Oh, and I love beading jewelry.
I am a firm believer that investing time and effort into your journey toward mental and emotional well-being pays big dividends. Your path to a healthier and happier life starts here!

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